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AJ Networks Creates 3rd AJ Classroom Forest to Foster Children's Green Leadership

April 18th 2024

AJ Networks Creates 3rd AJ Classroom Forest to Foster Children's Green Leadership

- Provided 390 Air-purifying plants to Wirye Sol Elementary School in Seoul, Korea

AJ Networks Co., Ltd. (095570) announced today the creation of "AJ Classroom Forest No. 3" to educate children about the dangers of ecosystem destruction and preserve endangered plants.

The "Classroom Forest Creation Project" is an initiative launched by AJ Networks in response to the growing concern over air pollution and its impact on children's outdoor activities. The company previously established "AJ Classroom Forest No. 1" and "No. 2" at Songle Elementary School in Seoul in May 2022 and Moonjeong Elementary School in April 2023, respectively.

"AJ Classroom Forest No. 3" was created at Wirye Sol Elementary School in Songpa-gu, Seoul on April 17. Twenty AJ Networks employees volunteered their time to work alongside the social enterprise "Triple Planet" to plant a total of 390 trees, including Areca palms and Maidenhair ferns. The same number of plants were also donated to a nursery.

The biodiversity conservation kit, composed of air-purifying plants and endangered plants, is expected to absorb fine dust particles in the classroom and encourage students to develop a natural environmental awareness through interaction with plants.

Particularly, the Asplenium antiquums, donated in the same quantity as the potted plants placed in the classroom, are an endangered species managed and protected as a Grade 2 endangered wild animal by the Ministry of Environment. After growing in a nursery, these Asplenium will be replanted in the habitats of endangered species or utilized for environmental education, contributing to society in various ways.

"We hope that through the Classroom Forest Creation Project, children will take responsibility for the growth of their companion plants and learn about the value and importance of biodiversity," said an AJ Networks official. "AJ Networks will continue to carry out ecosystem restoration activities for biodiversity conservation and climate crisis response."

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